Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mari Hirata

Recently discovered Mari Hirata's work. Japanese born & Gold Coast based, Mari Hirata has produced some signature work through her white shoes series. Interestingly, the white shoes series was originally developed from her part time work as an interpreter for Japanese tourists' weddings in Gold Coast. As time goes by, she developed her signature style of using white high heel shoes to express her thoughts through different themes. She described her works as "a combination of established procedure and order, with the notion of surrealism and visual puns." I like it!

The Descendents - The White Shoe Series (2001-2003)
To Reach, To Hold (Sacred Ties Series - 2006)
Cry Baby (Soft Coatings Series)
A good piece of art is both provocative & gets one thinking about the meaning behind a piece. Also love her  none white shoes - soft coatings series which focused more on lines, symmetry and patterns. See more of her work here.

Samples of her work:

by The Quirky One