Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marrying the old & the new... Victorian terrace with modern extension

I have been busy with a couple of things & have not been posting much in Feb! There were changes in work arrangement & hopefully it's all for the better. Anyways.. I've been lurking the real estate sites in the hope of finding our dream home & I came across this! An old Victorian terrace facade with a gorgeous streamlined kitchen and an amazing modern extension. LOVE the utilization of glass wall & the inside out concept. It is not the most seamless transition but it kinda works.

I would love to own this but I know I can't afford it.. :( Surry Hills address is just too posh for me.. or maybe I should just start buying lottery ticket! Link here while lasts.

Back of the house....

by The Quirky One


  1. This is one awesome property. Totally love it the old and new concept too. If I remember correctly, the terraces in Sydney are long and narrow but looking at the floor plan, it's amazing how they can squeeze in 2 car parks and a courtyard. Cannot imagine paying $1 mill and still have to hunt down a parking 2 streets down after work/grocery shopping. Well utilization of space. Lottery definitely! Sharon

  2. You are right abt the parking part. This property would prob go for abt $1.5M. Sydney market has soften a bit but.. prices in prestige areas i.e. Surry Hills, Paddo, Mosman etc are still way up there.. Heading off to buy lottery now!