Friday, August 19, 2011

Sydney Saturday InDesign : Design Store hopping weekend!

 This weekend is chocobloc of fun.. Design enthusiasts out there.. Embrace this weekend to explore stores that normally don't open to the public.

Lots of exciting things happening, there's even free shuttle bus available along the design routes. The chances of winning some of the design item is enough to get my out my door on a supposedly rainy Saturday. I have marked out my must-visit store for tomorrow. Have you?

Visit Sydney InDesign official website for more info.

I am hoping that I'll win myself one of these babies.... Hey.. One can only dream right? :)

By the Quirky One

Luxurious warehouse conversion...

This blog has been soooo... abandoned..

Anyways.. lots have been going on. Am still on my home hunt - lost out in auction for what could have been a dream home last weekend  *sob*. Anyways, I've been told by numerous people what's meant to be is meant to be... Another amazing house "that is meant to be mine" is somewhere out there.  Now if only I strike lottery one of these days. Wait... I don't buy lottery!! and there goes my chances...

Stumbled upon this while I was drooling over houses I can't afford page on the web. I call it "real estate stalking therapy". This could have been what we could have done if we have bought that warehouse conversion (see post here)

Glorious warehouse conversion with my dream inner courtyard... *swoon* Link here while lasts.

As all luxurious house should have - an amazing garage with luxurious cars to match..

by The Quirky One