Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet Wilbur!

Have been looking at spreadsheets all day and am glad to have some reprieve by blogging about my most recent find. So.. Meet Wilbur! Our very own house-duck which now resides on our dining table.
Well I did mention that I was going to post about my most recent find.  :)

Last weekend, Keith & I went to an auction wanting to score deals on some vintage posters but ended up coming home with this baby. Trust me.. I did NOT think that I was going to come home with a duck, but I did!! Keith actually quite liked it. In fact, I think he likes it more than I do!!

Did a quick research on the web and it appears that taxidermy came into fashion back in the Victorian era. A lot of the taxidermy these days are mostly made in that era.  I think this trend is somehow creeping back. When we were in Tarlo & Graham, there were lots of animals heads - water buffalo, zebra, moose and dare I say camel? I do hope that they were embalmed after dying of natural causes. Me and my mate Trace were even wondering if some of them were real, 'coz they were HUGE!!

Tarlo & Graham
I think Wilbur complements the overall feel of the eclecticism in our place. So am quite happy with it thus far. :) 

Vignettes of taxidermy can be quite nice, yes?


By The Quirky One

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