Monday, November 29, 2010

pyd. market design finds...

I was only too delighted to find out about pyd. design market when I picked up the event card while getting my regular caffeine fix on Dank Street. This was the 3rd pyd. design market but it's definitely my first since I just got back to Sydney after a 3-year hiatus.

pyd. design market did not disappoint. There were 80 designers exhibiting in the building (according to the pyd. website). Now.. ON to the art/design wares that caught my eyes! :)

Gnomes anyone? 

One of the stalls that caught our attention immediately was Multiple Box - an online gallery that carries limited editions of prints, photography, multiples and objects by Australian and international artists. Absolutely love the blue pig on the floor!!  Keith was (as usual) attracted to the eponymous gnome. (Ducks & pigs don't go well together, maybe?) Well.. Wilbur will be the ONLY house-pet for now. lol.

The work belongs to a German artist, Ottmar Hoerl, who creates installation from these quirky creatures that looked like oversize toys. All the individual pieces were all one of the many pieces in his art installation in interpretation of a subject or deliverance of a message. I looked him up and am absolutely fascinated by his work! I will digress if I cover more of his work here.. so.. back to the design market...

Insphere Furniture
Meet furniture designer Murray Wilkinson from Insphere Furniture
Don't you just love those hair-pin / paper clip like table/stool legs?
Meet Murray Wilkinson, the furniture designer behind Insphere Furniture. I was drawn immediately to his stool & coffee table as I absolutely love those hairpin / paper clip like legs. Manufactured as flat-packed,  one can assemble the pieces quickly without tools and be able to take it apart again easily. Therefore, if you're constantly on the move (i.e. moving from rental to rental), this is a piece that you will be able to take along easily. The stool and the coffee table are adorable and I love the option of being able to choose colour of the table / seat with the legs. I was told that customizable shelves are in the making too!

Cardboard wonders - Zeppo Chair
Think cardboard is uncool? Think again. Frank Gehry's cardboard chair is a great example. 
Decorated Zeppo Chair with the designer, Cath Ertler in the backgroud
Now.. think miniature cardboard chair and you get cardboard Zeppo chair by Cath Ertler, a Tasmanian-born, Sydney-based designer. The Zeppo chair comes flat-packed, so children can assemble and decorate, paint or draw on the chair. It will definitely be a limited edition chair once your kid is finished with it. :) Apparently the chair can withstand weight of normal adults so Keith & I test-drove the product. At the end, it was so nice that we thought it would be a great Christmas gift for one of our friend's boy. 

We were quite disciplined at the end and only bought Christmas presents for our friends and nothing for ourselves. Purchase reserved for another day. :)

By The Quirky One

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