Friday, November 26, 2010

Pilgrimage to Dutch Design Temple - Moooi

On our recent trip from Toronto to Sydney, we made use of Keith's conference in Valencia to travel around Amsterdam & Belgium. Needless to say one of the must-see for me was Moooi Design Gallery in Amsterdam. Moooi, the epitome of Dutch design opened its door to the public in January 2009. I was only too happy to pay pilgrimage whilst I was there. :)

Stepping into the Moooi's flagship store (or more appropriately called Design Gallery) was like Alice falling into the rabbit hole and going into Wonderland. The oversized lamp & paper chandelier,  life size silver horse lamp (230 cm tall) & the pig table creates an absolutely surreal & whimsical setting. It truly felt like a gallery than a furniture store. Obviously there is no way that I can afford any of this..  but.. it's always nice to oggle. Think I'll ever find any of these on ebay?Hmmm... one can only hope!
I also discovered the wonderful work of Lorenzo Petrontoni in the Moooi Gallery. Kinda look like a giant mood/inspiration board.

See the wonderful installation of Lorenzo's work below : 
By The Quirky One