Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Sin of Painting over Gorgeous Oak...

Before shot: taken in apt in TO
It was the first day of summer yesterday  but  it was practically raining THE WHOLE TIME. Now, the only thing that could have cheered me up was if I found a deal on some peculiar object or if I got to do something fun at the end of the day. Well.. I got to do the later! 

It was my first furniture painting class and I was ecstatic! :) It's a 3 days class spanning over 3 weeks & everyone was supposed to bring a piece of furniture.

There were sooo... many pieces that I want to refinish. I chose a dresser mirror at the end because I thought this would probably be the toughest/most tedious to tackle on my own. So.. when else better to do this than under the watchful eye of our instructor Polly (Penelope Dale)? :)

Before shot
The only before shot that I have was taken back in my old apartment in Toronto.  If you look closely you can see that it was painted dark brown with bits of gold paint sprayed in a couple of places. Someone obviously tried working on this before but gave up eventually. I scored this baby at a flea market in TO for $20, so.. I guess nothing can really go wrong?

After sanding:

Gorgeousness!!! I was sooo... tempted to leave it as it is but.. Polly convinced me otherwise. I am telling you: that woman has ESP! She was reading my mind while standing right next to me helping me putting painter's tape over the mirror edge! lol. It was quite funny really.. She suggested some cool finish & I think it can be quite cool (all to be revealed when it's all done!!) 

Well.. this IS a furniture painting class & I HAVE flexed some muscles sanding this piece... So... I am taking a leap of faith on this one. (keeping my fingers crossed)

This will eventually go on top of my black & white horizontally striped headboard I think. I quite like the look of a statement piece over the headboard. By the way, I have already prime the mirror, so worse comes to worse I can always sand it back to get back the wood look? I can hear the wood purist cringing & squealing in their seats.. lol

By The Quirky One


  1. As a fellow class member can testify this is one fantastic find. Very envious of the $20 price tag Tong and know that in your capable hands (and the watchful eye and advice of Polly) it is a masterpiece in the making. Hope to see a photo of the black & white headboard too to appreciate where it is going to reside. Be brave and bold!
    x Elisha

  2. Thanks Elisha! Will definitely post the room soon. :) Tong