Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biography of a Bowerbird

Going to The Society Inc when Sibella Court change the store theme is a treat. :) I remembered being awed the first time stepping into the store when the floor board was painted with the Union Jack. It was gorgeous!

With The Biography of the Bowerbird, you're welcomed by decoupage of bones on the floor leading you into the store. There were paper mache eggs in a giant nest, light pendants in the form of nests hanging off the wall & ornaments hung on bare branches to give the feeling of Christmas. Check out the non-traditional Christmas tree below! I also love how the Stendig Calender was made into paper rings to dress the cupboard. I would love to have Stendig Calender! but that's another story...

I heart The Society Inc. :)





The gorgeous frame is made out of cardboard. How cool is that?
By The Quirky One