Friday, December 3, 2010

Global Gourmet: Viva España (Part 1)

Spain remains our favourite European destination - culture, art ....and of course, the food and wine.

The people are passionate about their food; probably the only other thing they are more or equally passionate about is their football. We have ate our way around Spain and everytime we leave Spain  we feel like we simply have to go back again. So.. this series of post is basically a log of our food journey  in Spain along with simple tips we employed in ultimate food enjoyment. 

Now, to kick this off... I MUST start with Jamon - the Spanish mastery in curing "ham". In its finest form aka Jamon Iberico de Bellota, jamon is sweet-salty and melts in the mouth (my mouth salivates uncontrollably when I think of  Jamon from the black pig!).

more Jamon photos after this jump....

1. Visit the local market & if able try some of the local food produce.


2. You can never have too much Jamon Iberico Bellota and Chorizo Iberico.

3. Knowledge about the local football team helps break the ice when dining in tapas bar.. :).

 4. Explore the different regional cuisines and specialties.....

5. Avoid tourist trap & research local favourites before arrival if possible

Our Regional Food Experience... 


Seafood tapas - I think we tried everything on offer
The real Valencian paella - bloody delicious
This Moorish pastry sweets shop is a gem!
Hands down the best we've had - crunchy & absolutely unforgettable
Boutique chocholatier by Ferran Adria's brother - now an international brand
Bubo - awarded world's best chocolate cake - sorry, so good we forgot to take a photo till almost finished

By Gastronomic G.