Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flea Market at The Society Inc!

I would very much like to keep this to myself but.... well good things are meant for sharing. The Society Inc. is holding yet another flea market this Saturday!  It was scheduled initially for the 4th but was postponed to this Saturday because of unfavourable weather conditions then. There will be pre-loved goods, textile, porcelain, lamp shades. tableware, stylist-wares, small furniture pieces & other flotsam & jetsam... basically treasures to be found!!

If you like Sibella Court's style of decorating & treasure troving, be sure not to miss it. Sibella is a well known stylist that has been featured in numerous magazines in Australia as well as overseas. She also curated Anthropologie's 'The Lighthouse' installation & has styled some of their catalog shoots. (I've been missing Anthro since I got back.. sigh.. that's another story)

I will be there bright and early..  but as they bring goods out throughout the morning, it may be OK to go a bit later. It will be a struggle for me to get up early on a Saturday  morning but this may be an exception. I am psyching myself up already!

The Society Inc. is located at the corner of Alexander & Stewart Street in Paddington.  

Here's some photos from Sibella's shop/apartment upstairs (as seen in InsideOut) for you to get a sense of her style. Enjoy!

By The Quirky One