Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Living Room

I love pop up stores.. :)

The Living Room - put together by Puddin'Head, Attia & The Lowercase was a pop-up store that was opened last week for one week only in Paddington (would have posted this here if I have found out earlier!). Even though it was only opened for a week, everything was styled beautifully, in fact.. so beautiful that I felt like taking everything home with me.. :)


I wasn't so discipline this time around. I love Puddin'Head's latest quirky Victorian(?) images so much that I went back to the store to take a second look. However, because I was so indecisive (the conundrum of  loving the image but less so the colour) that Richard McAdam (from Puddin'Head) took pity and offered me an option of customizing the colour for me (!). Problem solved! How can one say no to that.. :) I'll be stretching that one on a stretcher frame - the image is too pretty to JUST be a tea towel for me.. :)

Enough of my usual rant. Do check out Attia's ware if you like minimalistic Japanese style table wares & definitely check out The Lowercase if you have a kid or is a child at heart. Love the fox duvet sets, the lamp & the oh-so-wonderful Pinocchio rug. The Lowercase is featured in this month's InsideOut too (see below)!


By The Quirky One