Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O.. Lovely Period Features..

It's my final furniture painting class today.. :( Wish it had been longer so I can pick Polly's brain more!

Anyways, I have been dreaming about my future house & have been collecting photos of houses/rooms with period elements - fireplace, crown moulding etc. Saying that, these are difficult to come by these days especially in Sydney where flippers & renovators for some reason just like stripping these elements out, dry wall everything & transforming the house into just another empty box - with nil characteristic..

I do like modern & I think marriage of modern & traditional elements of a house can be quite nice.  So why waste those gorgeous architectural elements when it can look gorgeous with the right touch?

Hmm... if only I can be so lucky to have a house with these features..


Photo source:

By The Quirky One