Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flea Market finds....

I missed my usual Monday post yesterday.. I'm sure you'll understand because I was at the U2 concert!!!  :) This weekend has been a U2 bonanza. First, it was The Edge sitting two tables from us on Saturday & then it was U2 360 concert on Monday..  :) I'll definitely see them again when they are back in Sydney. Best concert ever! & no.. I did not get an autograph from The Edge.. :(

Anyways, I have digressed too much.. My hoarding journey continues.. at the flea market my photographer, aka my hubby was more interested in the wares & styling of the store then the actual flea market  & did not take too many photos of the flea market (try only one!) The theme now in The Society Inc is The Biography of a BowerBird, I'll post photos of the shop in another post.

I had my eye on this shoe form (quite different from the ones I usually see in antique shops) & when the owner mentioned it was $25... SOLD! In Sydney, this is usually retailed at about 40-60, depending on where you go.

 I also got this statuette(?) from the same lady in the flea market in July. The quirkiness continues... :)

By The Quirky One