Friday, December 3, 2010

Still loving Fornasetti

 I absolutely LOVE Fornasetti's "Tema e Variozioni" (Themes & Variations) range. I have been raving about it for the longest time, so I've decided to share my love with my blog post today. :)

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988), an iconic Italian designer was one of those designers that possess the ability to transform a space through his unique, engaging pieces. An inspired painter originally, he was known for his ability to use unconventional medium to deliver his art and design: from chairs, decorative screens, wallpaper to scarves & umbrella stands.

'Tema e Variozioni', the most iconic of his range was a great example of how the face of a classical beauty such as Lina Cavieleri was transformed into timeless design through imaginative exploration of style & poses. The 'variozani' graphics created are often intriguing because of the quirky & whimsical feel of the design.

Piero Fornasetti believed that true art will withstand time & period, and it is true. 'Tema e Variozoni' is both classic & modern at the same time. It has withstood the test of time & the most recent collaboration with Bitossi for 'Tema e Variozioni' is definitely showing that Fornasetti enthusiast are hungry for more. 

Fornasetti décor inspirations:

By The Quirky One


  1. Love the wallpaper

  2. Yes, they are delicious looking & less breakable than the plates!
    Btw Cole & Son carries the Fornasetti wallpaper, so you'll be able to get it if you find out the stockist in yr country.

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