Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheap Eats Review: Omen (Kyoto, Japan)

Omen ***

Tong loved this place so much...she declared this the "best meal ever!". We arrived late lunch time and this usually packed place was empty. Omen is famous for its Udon....and its no wonder once we've had it. 
Udon set meal

Grilled chicken marinated with white miso
My food revelation moment was the yam in crab sauce - simplicity and perfection in one. This could have been proudly served in any Michelin starred restaurant.

 Not to be missed if in Kyoto. The experience was close to perfection.

The beautiful menu
Everything was cleaned up - quite unusual with Tong
 Located in 3 locations;  we went to the one close to Kawaramachi Station. Of note, Omen has recently opened a restaurant by the same name in New York.

Rating for Cheap Eats: 19.5/20

By Gastronomic G.

Rating explained:
Scores 18 to 20 = *** (3 stars) = World class and close to perfection
Scores 16 to <18 = ** (2 stars) = An exceptional and special dining experience
Scores 15 to <16 = * (1 star) = Very good to great dining experience
Scores 13 to <15 = Good but not memorable
Scores 10 to <13 = Acceptable
Scores <10 = Are you sure you want to eat here?


  1. Wow. Is this the highest rating you have ever given a restaurant?

  2. Only Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London but that was not considered a cheap eat....