Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010 & Welcome 2011!

 2010 has been interesting & represents a huge change for us in many different ways. We've moved from Canada back to Sydney, changed jobs etc. All for the better.. I hope! 

We've made some great friends in North America & would like to thank all our friends for their great companionship all these years. WE MISS YOU & we're sure we'll be seeing some of you in 2011 'coz we'll be coming to visit SOON!

For our friends here, thanks for being here for us & helping us when we were away! Life would have been very difficult if not for you guys and we are very blessed to have you guys around.

For everyone else who have chanced upon our blog & started following (subscribed by email or followed through Google Reader), welcome!

We'll continue to post our adventures i.e. things we love on this blog: design, art & scavenging adventures for me & obviously for Keith, his endless obsession with food. So.. come visit often! We probably won't be a nuisance & post every blog updates on FB.

NY resolution? 
Tong: Less procrastination & more prioritization to get more things done! Keith's resolution apparently is not to have any NY resolution. :)

O.. & hopefully get our dream home soon!
The Quirky one & Gastronomic G.