Monday, January 3, 2011

Tokyo Vintage: PASS THE BATON

PASS THE BATON is probably the BEST second hand or vintage shop I've ever been because the quality of goods in the store was simply AMAZING.

Founded by Masamichi Toyama, the store described its concept as 'New Recycle'. PASS THE BATON is a recycling & reused shop with a difference. It is not only the ONLY vintage store that I have come across that has its store concept explained; the business idea, branding, marketing & creative, & channels was so well executed that it was a delight learning more about this store. (I'm a marketer, so these things fascinates me as well.  :) Though I am unsure about  its profitability, on the surface, this venture seems pretty successful to me!)

I took a copy of their catalog, and I just LOVE how they explain the store concept: the meaning behind PASS THE BATON & new recycle. (lucky for me, there's English translation). :)

"PASS THE BATON is a contemporary select recycle shop.

Our concept is 'New Recycle', our products / items are gathered from private individuals - objects with memories, items in disuse, but can't be thrown away. They are sold, along with their stories to someone who understands their use and value. 

Not a recycle shop as you've seen before, that carries only either brand name or low price items, we are a NEW recycle shop that handles items portraying an individual tastes and sensibility, items PASSED down from their original owners."

Isn't that brilliant?!

Started off with one store in Marunouchi, the second store in Omotosendo (which we visited) was larger & has a more gallery feel. Designed by Masamichi Katayama, the store was so well curated that it doesn't have the usual chaos in a vintage store and you'll be amazed at every directions you look. 

*Masamichi Katayama is listed #54 as one of the 100 most Creative People in Business & one of the hottest designer in Tokyo. Click here to read more.

The store in Omotosendo holds exhibitions, talks, live performances and special events by artists from around the world, selected with an PASS THE BATON eye.

While probably not the best store to find a bargain, if you love frequenting vintage store. This is a MUST visit in Tokyo because it's truly a vintage store like no other. :)

I have sequenced the photos from the entrance leading into the store so you can have a closer experience as ours. Enjoy!

Chandeliers made from cups

Temporary exhibition space

The Quirky One


  1. Awesome! I just discovered your blog and am linking to it with those pictures of Pass The Baton! I love that place! Thanks for posting these pictures!