Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stockholm: H&M Home Concept Store

Since I've blogged about Moooi in Amsterdam, I thought I might as well blog about some of the awesome design stores that I have visited in my travels.

One of the most memorable store experience for me in Stockholm was visiting the H&M Home concept store when it was first launched. It was a home decor store like no-other. The concept store was gallery-like & paints a different light to the H&M brand (for me).

The unexpected presentation of the home concept store was enlightening. With a combination of suspended furniture & mirrors, the showroom exudes a dreamlike quality. The installation named 'Home Reflections' apparently was meant to evoke shoppers to imagine the world through a looking glass, reflecting & exploring our ever changing relationship between identity & style. LOVE the concept! 

How do you shop in such 'gallery-esque environment'? All products are displayed on the side & if there's a product that you want to purchase, you simply pick up a product card, bring it to the counter & the shop assistant will bring out the merchandise when you finish the transaction.

I couldn't help myself from browsing the H&M Home site to check out at their latest Spring offering. LOVE the blue & green in the textile, the raw natural look of unbleached linen & the black & white Nordic prints on the hand & bath towel. There seems to be hints of pink everywhere as well.. in line with Pantone 2011 colour of the year. 

Now can someone please bring H&M to Australia? I need affordable & fashionable clothing & beautiful soft furnishings... :)

LOVE those Guest Bath Towels!

By The Quirky One


  1. hey there!
    So...you have up a very cool pic with amazing wood floors- hardwood that I want to find! any chance you would able to recall where the photo originated from??
    thanks so much!