Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faux Fireplace, anyone?

Today has been a terrible day at work and I am in desperate need of pretty photos to cheer myself up. 

I have been looking for a storage system to fill a void in my living room and have been considering a buffet or a console. We were at lunch in Surry Hills last weekend and came across this faux fireplace at La Maison that is now 50% off. Now, do I really need a faux fireplace that is purely decorative? Hmmm....


For reference, the next photo is a faux fireplace that was made out of a vintage mantle that has been painted white. To create the look of a working fireplace, Meg Crossley, the senior editor of Canadian House & Home cut out a portion of the insert, painted it black and then piled up birch logs to fill the space. Check out her renovation log here. I would have thought that the fireplace  is real 'coz it looked so believable.

I reckon my place is eclectic enough to pull this off & I can fill the void with books instead of logs. I am still trying to talk myself into or out of this potential purchase. :)

Don't you just love the vignettes that you can create with a fireplace mantle?


By The Quirky One