Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glorious Art: Ann Carrington

The Bungalow Hotel, designed by the Novogratz from SixxDesign
I first spotted this queen stamp art piece on 9 by design & have been trying to find out  more about the artist behind this glorious artwork since. That artist is Ann Carrington

Ann's pearly queens & crowns has been featured in many high profile homes (Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Smith to name a few) & it is not difficult to see why. It is a statement piece that one will remember for a long time. And each item  in the queen or stamp collection goes for about £5,000 a piece. It is an artwork that I would like to have but can't afford.. O well.. so are a lot of other things.. :)

Florence Rolando home from Design*Sponge
Ann is also known as the Sculptor of Scrap, if you take a closer look at her piece, they are never really what they seem. Some of her sculptures were made of old forks, shoes and tires. Her stamp collection are made from pearl buttons and her coin collection from safety pins. It gives the artwork more texture and depth, whether there are other symbolism associated, I'm not sure.

Ann Carrington has been getting quite a bit of publicity the past few years and was featured in several interior magazines. I am very sure you will be seeing a lot more of her! 

Check out the article on her six bedroom home in Broadstairs, near Kent here.

Photo credit of Ann Carrington home: Michael Franke
By The Quirky One


  1. The economist about "The King's speech": "DEEP in Britain’s collective unconscious, it is said, a special place is reserved for dreams about the queen dropping round for tea — a fantasy that taps into modern snobberies but also ancient tales of monarchs passing incognito among their subjects, and commoners with secret royal friends."

    Ann pictures and sculptures are probably part of these feelings. And on top - they are really beautiful and surprising.

  2. A fitting deduction. A good piece of art has the ability to surprise, invoke emotions or raise questions.. her works definitely achieves that..

    Now I need to make some time to watch The King's Speech!