Sunday, January 30, 2011

Industrial Gorgeousness

It's Saturday evening and I am FINALLY able to catch up with my regular blog reading & also do a post (yippee!). Have been busy with work & travel this week that the majority of the blogging responsibilities has fall on the shoulders of  the man - Gastronomic G to blog about his food adventures. My schedule is more normal now & I am finally able to blog again. :)

Today's post is inspired by the merci, stack it exhibition & its industrial gorgeousness. I love industrial drop lights and when I saw this I thought to myself that I simply HAVE to include this in a post.

*Image credit: designboom

Love the early 20th century metal bathroom cabinets, stacked as wall installation for the Merci Paris exhibition. A very pretty & functional feature wall indeed.. Yum...

Image credit: designboom
I can't decide if I like the more modern take of the industrial lamp by kyouei design (as featured in design mart in Tokyo last year) or the traditional industrial drop lamp. 

This 'reconstruction lamp' designed by kouichi okamoto can be used as a clip lamp or a stand lamp.  Pretty cool, eh? :)

Image credit: designboom

By The Quirky One