Monday, January 17, 2011

Mark Tuckey.. Again!

Palm Beach, NSW
A good friend of mine visited me this weekend & I took the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with some of Sydney's popular sites. In addition to the usual Bondi / Bronte / Coogee beach in the eastern suburbs, we drove all the way to the Northern beaches. My ulterior motive of driving all the way up north was to visit Mark Tuckey at Newport Beach. It would have been tough to justify driving 38km up north just to visit a furniture store under normal circumstances!  I have blogged about my LOVE for Mark Tuckey's raw wood furniture previously here.

As expected, Mark Tuckey's furniture was beautiful, raw and..... clearly unaffordable to me. :(  The  mega drum solid oregon coffee table that I love is unattainable at AUD3250.

Notably David Bromley's artwork was beautifully showcased & available for purchase in the retail space. I have concluded that the two must be good mates as I have seen some of Mark Tuckey's pieces in Bromley Arcade in Waterloo as well. 

Selective Third Drawer Down tea towels & vintage posters are also sold in Mark Tuckey. Unframed Third Drawer Down tea towel is retailed @ AUD40 & framed pieces @ AUD425.
Though unaffordable unless there's a 70% off sale, it was still great visiting Mark Tuckey store.. I can now ticked that off my stores to visit list.. :) 

Love those coloured bentwood chairs..

By The Quirky One